Aardvark Creature Power SuitAcorn Creature Power SuitAttack of the tree eating aleins
Bald eagle powersBanditoBanging with falcons
Bas classBasilisk Lizard Creature Power SuitBeaver Creature Power Suit
BioluminescenceBlue Jay Creature Power SuitBoy
Bug nightmaresBuild It BeaverBumper
Burrowing owl power suitCamel powersChamelon power
Charlie krattChicken powerChicken powers
Chilling with the dingoesChris krattChristmas robot
ClingonCreature Power ChallengeCreepy creatures part 2
Croc powerDhole dulpicatorDingo powers
Draco Lizard Creature Power SuitDragon glowDragonfly Creature Power Suit
ElectroreceptionElephantElephant in the Room
Elf owl powerElf owl power suitEvan
Falcon CityFire fliesFirefly Creature Power Suit
Flight of the dracosGeckoGecko effect
Gharial Croc Creature Power SuitGiant Squid Creature Power SuitGnu powers
GoblinGoliath birdeater powerGrabsy
Grasshopper powerHalloween expeirence everHarpy Eagle Creature Power Suit
He who breathes fireHipsterHoney Guide Creature Power Suit
Honey SeekersJaguar powerJenny
John krattLady bug hutLadybug power
Light powersMadagascar againMannequin robots
Mars koalasMartinMartin kratt
Mere side of lizardsMom of a CrocMoose jungle base
Moose powerMore effectsMountain peek and mountain hide and mountain joy
Mystery of the Weird Looking WalrusMystery of the north pole PenguinNina
Peregrine Falcon Creature Power SuitPerfect bluesPlatypus Café
Platypus Creature Power SuitPlatypus powerPolar Bear Creature Power Suit
Rainforest StewRainforest stewRhino Creature Power Suit
Shark powerShellySloth Creature Power Suit
Smallmouth Bass Creature Power SuitSpider monkey powerSplash Claw
Surviving the heat of the daySweet TweetSwirly
The Blue and the GrayThe Gecko EffectTortuga hq
UnknownWalk brighterWalk on the Wetside
Wart hog powersWater buffolo powersWhale of a Squid
Wild Kratts WikiWood pecker power
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